The Wolf PAMM allows the pack to trade together. 

The Wolf provides the options to join and earn, at a highly secure and regulated brokerage.

Joining the Low Risk PAMM as a simple process, but their are a couple steps we need to follow

Invest with the Best

The PAMM focuses on trading with conservative leverage and trade volumes, with the objective of fair gains while minimizing risk.
These, combined with strong risk management and constant monitoring, result in a conservative growth strategy, averaging an 18% return per month.
All traders are welcome to join and take part in this account with a minimum deposit of $250. 
Please contact us for further details.
Target Return (per month): 18%

PAMM Performance

Net Return of 64% in 2 months!

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The Wolf PAMM is the solution for effortless trading.

Let a highly experienced team do the work for you!

How Does PAMM Work?

The Wolf PAMM starts with Currency Wolf investing its own funds in what is known as the Master account.

A PAMM operates like any other trading account at a brokerage.

The difference is, others can benefit from the Manager's knowledge.


Pack members can come along for the ride and those who do, decide how much they want to invest.

           Then, all the funds are pooled together and traded by the PAMM Manager.


           When it's profit time, everyone gets a share of the profits based on the invested amount.


Peace of Mind Is Important

At Currency Wolf, we take investor safety very seriously. To ensure that incentives are aligned we impose the following:

1. Currency Wolf, always has an equal or greater invested amount than each of the investors in said account - 

We are also investors in the PAMM!

2. Trading may be made by the PAMM Master, but the process and funds are controlled by a fully licensed and regulated brokerage.

3. CurrencyWolf never has direct access to your investment. No funds for PAMM are deposited or withdrawn to or from us, its all entirely via the brokerage.