Useful Links

This website is dedicated to Project BULLs. A project to build trust and wealth for our clients mainly by investing on behalf of you through regulated brokers. Even if we do not provide the education we always encourage it and this is why we provide these links.


Please note these links are meant for retail clients who do not want to spend thousands per month for a Bloomberg Terminal or a Refinitiv Terminal.  

*We are not getting paid to add any of these websites here and we share only the best, not all. 

Fundamental Analysis - organized fundamentals statistics - best screener based on fundamentals - organized fundamentals statistics - you can subscribe to get the daily report for free - for bonds - the name gives it up - good economists but you need to pay a very respectable subscription fee. They are actually targeting institutional clients. These websites will have everything a retail client may need.

Technical Analysis - some nice and tide technical analysis - some nice and tide technical analysis as well - you need to pay but it gives you access to an enormous amount of data - many members are giving their technical analysis - not all are good - best to calculate pivot points - best for finding correlations between instruments *you only need up to 3 indicators that work for you. Any more than that can only confuse your decision.

Charts and Portfolio Websites - best online charting website - best downloadable charting platform - only for US stocks - best to have a watchlist

Education - best for definitions - best for beginners - best for medium to advanced economic and investing courses - The importance of investing young explained in a very simple way. Here you can find everything you may need to start - education is not limited in these. You always need to look for new sources and new ways to learn. If you like webinars we advice you to visit:

News - best overall - nice articles - best notifications on the mobile - download the app - subscribe, they send good ideas about stocks from time to time - its been said they have inside information in many goverments - they have some nice articles from time to time - COVID19 updates from John Hopkins Univeristy