Wolf Update - Weekly Recap

In case you have followed all our signals, this is just a reminder that our signals are highly profitable.

Not a member yet? Time to see with your own eyes and start making a profit.

Our success lies in our team with more than 80 years of combined experience in trading.

In case you didn't follow the Wolf updates, here's a recap of how much money we made for our pack over the past week (using just one standard lot for currencies, 1000 barrels per Oil contract, 50 contracts for indices,100 shares and 100oz of precious metals):

-GOLD: -($500)

-USOIL: -($650)

-EURUSD: -($250)

-GOLD: $500

-GBPUSD: -($300)

-USOIL: $350

-EURUSD: $180

-EURUSD: -($200)

-EURUSD: -($200)

-EURUSD: $220

-EURUSD: $300

-EURGBP: -($210)

-GBPUSD: $250

-GBPUSD: $280

-XAUUSD: $600

Total weekly net gains: $370

That's another 0.37% return just this week!

Our profits are calculated based on our trusted broker FIBO.

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Success Rate last week: 67%

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