Tesco Signal

London Stock market is closed for today until Monday morning.

Based on our previous post we have calculates the potential upside move of Tesco share to go up to 2.6. However, there is one assumption to take in mind:

UK is not getting a hard Brexit departure.

Good news is that till Monday we will know the fate of Brexit for Haloween deadline.

If the decision is any other than UK leaving without a hard brexit and Monday opening is not below 2.44 you are allowed to open a position on Monday and wait for the share to take profit at 2.6GBP.

If the price opens below 2.44 wait for an update on this signal and also just for your information if Tesco share price moves below 2 GBP then its an obvious good buy and hold share.

You may argue that our previous article was to double investment and we are recommending just a proportion of this as a position. Into our signal we have taken in mind all the reasons described and we are giving you a very potential profit.

Have in mind that just before the price hits the 2.6 target we will be back to tell you our point of view and update the signal to extend or not the take profit.

In any case, don't forget. We don't make gambles. We calculate and predict based on statistics and experience.

Read our analysis on Tesco below: