• Dr Akela

Brexit and the Wall with Mexico

What do the two have in common? Apparently nothing, but here's the catch: BoJo and Trump do.

The two leaders appear to have the willingness to push hard towards the direction they believe their countries should move and, most importantly, they set a very important precedent of living up to what they had promised in their campaigns. While to some they appear as crazy and/or unstable, the two leaders are actually living up to their words.

Trump, on one hand, has promised that he would build more than 400 miles of border wall, and Mexico will pay for it. Thus far, he has built around 100 miles, with critics saying that he did not get Mexico to pay - the Mexican government has refused to do so.

Truth is, Mexico has actually paid for it, it was just indirectly. The USMCA deal has terms regarding more domestic production for the US and imposes a quota for Canadian and Mexican auto production. Thus, as more production is being shifted into the US, the economy will benefit and Mexico will see it's production of automobiles and trucks decrease, essentially paying a price for continuing to trade with the US. Even though not directly, Mexico has paid for the wall.

There are 300 more miles of wall to be built one could argue. True, but the Trump administration has moved to deal with this as well. The Pentagon has just received a request to build roughly 270 more miles of Wall in the border. Once this is completed (yes, the current administration will find a way get this through), then Trump would have really lived up to his promise of a 400-mile wall. We don't really recall many candidates who have done this before.

In the UK, BoJo had promised Brexit if he got elected. True to his word, he did complete an agreement with the EU, one which was actually supported by the UK Parliament back in November. Still, the Parliament disagreed with the timing, which meant early elections. BoJo won in a landslide, as people decided that it was about time the uncertainty over Brexit ended (and yes, we thought the difference would have been smaller - honest mistake).

Now BoJo wants to get Brexit done by January 31st. The clock is ticking (he was hoping literally, as he wants the Big Ben to sound at 11pm when Brexit is due - but it's expensive so it won't happen) given that just 14 days are left until then. The issue that Europeans fail to see is that BoJo doesn't care about a hard Brexit. Nor will he back down, unless the now Tory-controlled Parliament shuts his off and doesn't let him proceed - something which is also not happening.

Brexit is such a brash act that only a person like BoJo could pull it through. And have no doubt that he will.

2020 will be Brexit year. Sooner than most expect.

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