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Investment Plans


Let a professional team handle your investments with a MAM account.

The MAM account allows us to trade for you in a more secure way. 

Returns up to 34% per year

Experience is vital - Trading becomes simplified

To trade, you need to keep updated, find new opportunities, follow the portfolio, get educated and as of this decade, you are fighting with automated systems built by the most powerful banks worldwide.


In other words, you need to invest many hours to be successful.


We understand time is limited. Let us invest on your behalf through a regulated broker. 

Succesful INVESTING is about MANAGING risk, not avoiding it!

Target Return - Based on your needs and the investment plan you choose.

More about the strategy - We invest mainly in stocks. The selection of these stocks is based on BOTH a fundamental and technical analysis. Based on the state of the economy you may see some FAANGs as well or other overvalued stocks with a high short term potential. Stocks are selected after careful consideration with a goal to have zero open positions at the end of each month in order to realize the target return. Forex is only used for hedging currency exposure.

Investment Time - For best results please allow a duration of about 6 months or more. Investing is all about compounding so more time should always lead to better returns.


Investment Amount - The investment minimum is at $1000, but our recommendation is at $5000+ to benefit from compounding. It is also more efficient for tax purposes.


Risk - Only risk the amount you are prepared to lose. We will try to give you as much information as we can, but at the end of the day, decisions are yours and you should never feel that we want to convince you into any decision whatsoever.


We advise you to start low, see the results, and then invest more. Trust is earned and we are not in a hurry.


Please note we will send you a weekly letter with our actions and reasoning for those.


Additional Information - Click here for the About us page or Contact us.

How to get access?


Contact us here or at

We only accept a limited amount of investors


Register at Avatrade and deposit a minimum of $1000USD


Within 1 working day from Step 2, we will start investing in your account

Frequently asked questions

How do you manage consistent rates of return?

Our strategy includes some fixed factors and many variable ones. We are watching and taking notes on a daily basis to update the strategy and find profitable opportunities. If you ask us we can give you a one day access to the strategy spedasheet to see for yousrself. We have nothing to hide and we are proud of what we accomplish.

Do you have proofs of the return you mention?

Of course we have proofs. We can share account statements with you. Obviously we will need to hide the name of the beneficiary and the account number for security reasons but we will leave our name as the account advisor to see that we actually manage this account. However, we strongly recommend to start investing low and as you see results then invest more. This has been our strategy with all our clients so far and it works perfectly. Creating a website will not change our mindset.

What is the best way for me to take advantage of this MAM Account?

As we said several times so far we recommend to start investing small and build it as time passes. The best strategy we have found to work for our clients is to invest $1000USD per month. 85% of our clients do that. Our strategy will give you enough time to trust us and a good amount of money after a few years to either invest further or spend. We always advice to invest further.

What if I want a more conservative investment plan?

The reason we are strongly suggesting that you should contact us is to discuss your needs and objectives. Even if your target return is high but we find it innapropriate based on your economic situation, based on our assesment, we will suggest a more conservative strategy with less risk and lower maximum drawdown. In other words, yes, there is the possibility of a more conservative, less risky investment plan and we will not hesitate to offer it to you. Our goal is always to create weath and we want to make sure that the investment plan suits your needs.

How do you make money and what are the fees?

We use a very simple way to make money. We take 20% of the profits we create to you. In other words we will make $0 if we do not make money for you first. Obviously we do not like to work for nothing. Other than this there are no other hidden costs on our side. Please note the brokers charge a withdrawal fee but nothing painful.

Is my money safe?

We will never ask you to deposit money on our bank accounts. You only deposit money to a regulated broker where company and client funds are segragated. More details can be found on