Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we receive from our clients. If you have more do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Why Project Bulls?

We are a team of professional investors, experienced in money & wealth management, consisting of Jonathan Smith, Ph.D., Aris Petkov, CFA, and Jeff Koning, LLB.
We have gained experience for several years with well-known brokers and wealth management firms and have been succesfully investing for the past 8 years. The team continues to update its strategy and has been beating the indices by a high margin over the past 5 years. Besides our investment experience our team is focused on creating the most suitable overal financial planning for our clients. We aim for a high-quality support throughout your membership.

Why trust our team?

Trust is not given. It is earned. Our team, besides its goal to give you the best trading outcome is also deeply focused on its clientele's experience regarding money management. While others focus solely on investing, our aim iis to provide tailor made solutios suited for client's objectives. To that end we also invest a lot of our time with you. if we can trust that you will be a part of our clientele long enough for our investment on you to become prosperous, then it is surely easy enough for you to put a tiny bit of your trust in us and our vision.

Can Project Bulls prove its performance?

Obviously we can! For the Signals check our Past Performance on the website and for the investment plan contact us to share account statements, strategy, returns, risks and etc.

What is the average deposit of your clients so far?

Our clients so far have invested several hundred of thousands in us already. However, we decided to bring more people in and build our brand so we accept deposits as low as $1000 for the investment plan and $100 for the signals. What we encourage our clients is to build their portoflio. Start low and invest an amount they are comfortable with every month. Taking in mind the compounding we can create for you this investment can be significant.

Can we meet face-to-face?

Of course we can, but this would require a bigger deposit since meeting face-to-face takes time.

I have more questions.

We have more FAQs on all pages. Check them out and feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page.
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