We are a team of professional investors, experienced in money & wealth management. 


Below you can find more details about our experience, goals, and vision.


We have developed a strategy that combines the attributes of both trading and investing. We are evolving on a daily basis to ensure that we remain in the lead.

1-day access to the spreadsheet of our strategy is available upon request.

Our lead investors are Jonathan Smith, Ph.D., Aris Petkov, CFA, and Jeff Koning, LLB. They have worked for several years with well-known brokers and wealth management firms, and have started investing their money 8 years ago. The team has continued to improve its strategy since then and they have been beating the indices by a high margin the past 5 years.


For more details feel free to chat with us via email or to schedule a call.

Why we do not offer an education package?

Mainly because we do not have the time to do it.

As we mentioned above, investing is not a part-time job, and is not easy to excel in it. People who offer education packages are those who cannot trade for themselves. Would you go to a fat personal trainer to give you a six-pack? Usually, through education, the "gurus" are trying to convince you to sign up under their broker and push you to trade as much as possible so that they get a revenue share from the broker. The other strategy that "gurus" are following is a straight-forward charge to teach you how to invest. If you really want to get involved you do not need to pay their high prices.


There is a lot of quality material for technical analysis at, and for greater depth, you can go to and find seminars from legitimate professors of Yale, Harvard, and more.

Our clients are our partners. We all work together.

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Please note we will accept calls only from serious clients. Our time is limited.