Currency Wolf

At we aim to make our members (“the pack”) better investors. 


We do this by offering outstanding trading signals and tailored education, with themes ranging from currencies to energy markets to commodities and stocks.

Why Wolf?
Wolves may have a leader, but they hunt in packs because they are stronger together.
Just like wolves, we care about our pack and we strive to keep our members at the top of the world. 

Wolves are always prepared to hunt; unlike wolves, we only hunt trading opportunities. Like wolves, we know how to wait and time our attack, we know when to go in and when to get out, as we also know that we have to quickly adapt to new information about our surroundings.

We believe that trading can be highly profitable, but only if you know how to do it. We understand that this is not easy for every member of the pack; that’s why we are here to lead. As we grow and learn together, our pack will become stronger. At the same time, the pack needs transparency: the wolves keep score and are very transparent about our investment performance. 

The Wolf’s contribution does not stop at that. We also provide a variety of solutions to improve many areas of your financial life, including your investment portfolio, personal finances, and real estate holdings. Just contact us for more.

So who are we? A team of experienced traders with across the industry knowledge, who decided to make history.


Join the pack, and become a legend.

Meet the Team



Achak: Achack's best talent is the skill to find trading opportunities where no other Wolf can. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Achack has been in various FX brokers, and investment firms, with an inside out knowledge of how things work in the market. An avid trader across a variety of instruments, with proven portfolio performance averaging approximately 30% per year.

Ghost: If you want to get things done, Ghost is the person who will do that for you. Having worked in a variety of roles in finance, Ghost knows the way everything is done in the industry, swiftly and efficiently, with a long track record of success. A perpetual student of the markets, with experience in trading even at the most difficult situations, Ghost's 25+ years of experience are an invaluable input to Currency Wolf.

Dr Akela: The pack leader, the Doc combines academic experience with more than 30 years of trading experience, and even more years in research and analysis. An expert in macroeconomic fundamentals, Dr Akela's strength is researching deep into a subject and then presenting it in the simplest possible way, resulting in much trading success over the years, averaging returns of approximately 15%.

The Alphas


Other than the Alpha members of the pack, Currency Wolf boasts of a large team which supports everything from day-to-day operations to trading ideas and education. While it would be cumbersome to include everyone in this short description, we make sure that everyone is deeply valued and appreciated in every aspect of their everyday work.


That's a common question the Wolf gets. Why don't we write our real names? Simply put, because we do not want traders to judge us based on appearance, race, geography, ethnicity, or gender. Currency Wolf should only be judged based on the quality of services we provide, and not on other characteristics. Through the "no name" doctrine, a policy followed by other major publications across the world such as the Economist, we ensure that our members are here only because they find our trade signals, educational material, and analysis worthy of following, and thus they really enjoy being a member of the pack.

The Betas
So Why no Names?